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Human-centric leading
The Current Business Model Makes Us Powerless — Does It Need To Be This Way? Powerless, how? The most common ways of leading companies today is to take care of some people and not others. In face of economic threats, most leaders react with layoffs as if they are the only available strategy — and most of
Lead people through crisis
Premise I am writing this blog during the corona virus pandemic. Governments around the world are struggling to lead the efforts of supporting their citizens in both staying safe and treating those that are infected, while most businesses are ducking their heads in the sand to protect the troves of profits they made since the
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human-centric leading
Are you a leader who feels that there are better ways to lead and deal with team-oriented challenges yet not sure what they are? Have you experimented with new ideas or strategies and noticed that some worked and others didn’t? Yet it wasn’t clear why each worked or not? How about trying human-centric leading. It
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Human Resources
What happened with Human Resources when they say they create a culture but they end up representing CFO and lawyers at the expense of employees? Historical Overview of Human Resources Human Resources started as mainly personnel department. They were tasked to track time and leaves, issue payroll, manage employees contracts and other administrative tasks to
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needs, basic human needs
Why doesn’t anyone teach us that problems are unmet needs?  What Are We Taught to Do? We are socialized to see problems as bad or things to solve asap. This makes us either avoid problems or say things such as “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!”. This also makes us a bit scared
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Intention Vs Action
Have you ever wondered how Human-Centric Leading can expose intention vs action? Background One of the projects we worked on was with an organization that prides itself on treating its employees. Leadership takes their needs first. Benefits provided were above average. Some of which were comfortable office settings, food provided, events to tend to their
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human-centric leading
Improve your team culture with one important change — stop the use of CJB (criticisms, judgments and blame). Why Do We Use CJB? We have been socialized to use CJB to: make it clear what is right and wrong inform people of mistakes so they will not make them again identify inappropriate behavior create high-quality
human-centric leading
Learn why human-centric leading is important now, even amidst many already-existing leadership models. You will learn about the main problem within the current status quo that stops us from creating more humane workplaces and societal solutions.
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The magnificent compression machine illustrates the pressurized environment in which we work. Being aware of the specific pressures, we can change the ways we respond to them in order to affect positive transformation.
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People in a meeting discussing and brainstorming
Have you asked yourself why meetings tend to take longer rather than shorter. Let us discover the main reasons and how we can overcome them.