Inspire Action Coaching Circles

Respond More Effectively Amidst Uncertainty

Covid has exposed many problems that we've been coping with for decades.

The old skills that we've been taught no longer work.

Therefore, it's the right time to learn the skills needed to face uncertainties with more certainty with the goal of transforming our workplaces and communities for the better.

The main practice is to use resourceful mindsets when we're triggered and learn to respond (vs react) to uncertainty.

Join our Inspire Action Coaching Circle. 

human-centric leading

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What participants say:

  • "I look forward to Wednesday night's discussions!"
  • "I become aware of myself, which helps me decide which ways to respond to challenges I face."
  • "The meetings give me hope."
  • "I get answers to the things I've been noticing, but didn't know how to explain."
  • "The sessions give me a place to ask questions and get support."

The Inspire Action Deep Dives includes:

  • Weekly meetings that you can join as many or few times as you want
  • Live virtual meetings
  • Practice using new skills
  • Share ideas, resources energy and inspiration
  • Confidentiality - share what you learned about you not what you heard about others
  • Explore the components of leadership that put people at the center of decisions for the sake of collaborative and high-quality problem-solving

Our discussion topics so far:

March 25 - Use emotions as data to clear emotional drama at work

April 1 - Learn about mindsets and how they drive you outside of your awareness

April 8 - Identify the Labels you use that limit you

April 15 - See the context in which we live/work and how it affects outcomes

April 22 - Labels revisited - how to use "negative" labels as forces of inner power

April 29 - Sharing your value vs proving your worth

May 6 - The power of your thinking style

May 13 - Debrief of thinking styles

May 20 - Continued debrief of thinking styles

May 27 - Mapping thinking styles to basic human needs

June 3 - Blocks to meeting your human needs

June 10 - Resistance revisited - what each thinking style resists

June 17 - Which thinking style does Trump use and how it affects his communication

June 24 - Does the end justify the means? Comparing LIM and HCL perspectives

July 1 - How to get your needs filled amidst uncertainty

July 8 - Yvette Dubel led a discussion on Racial Awareness

July 15 - Diversity and inclusion - what is it and what can we do to achieve it

July 22 - Can everyone's needs be met within a group?

July 29 - How to affect change amidst divisive contexts

Aug 5 - Tuan Vu led a discussion on transforming bullying into HCL leadership

Events through October will be posted here soon

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  • Each Wednesday
  • 7pm - 8:30pm EST
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