Our Modus Operandi

We equip leaders and change-makers with mindsets and tools to take problems and transform them into opportunities — amidst uncertainty and ambiguity.
We worked in organizations and as exteranl consultants for decades. After seeing waste in effort and money and pain within team cultures, we felt compelled to break out and do something new. This “new” thing we’re doing is taking a stand for humanity in the workplace. When we decided to challenge the foundational reasons so many smart, capable leaders and change-makers do not create the impact you know you can within teams and organizations, we started seeing incredible transformation. This “transformation” includes unmasking the black box that directs your outcomes. This “black box” is the unconscious habits that drive your behavior without your conscious awareness. 
If you don’t know which mindsets you’re using to face your work challenges and the market uncertainty, how do you know what to change? If you change something without identifying your current mindset, you will be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. 

Our Approach

We are like sleuths who use our well-buffed lenses to clearly see the opportunities within unwanted outcomes. 
We focus your attention on both symptoms and root problems. This helps you view your current situation at work from a new perspective. With newly-found clarity, you can then choose which direction best suits your individual and team needs. We then co-design strategies that fill your individual and team needs in satisfying and sustainable ways. The transformation includes the deliberate use of resourceful mindsets that keep you grounded amidst uncertainty. As a result, you are better positioned to respond (not react) to internal and external disruptors and uncertainty in ingenious ways. In the end, our collaboration with you boosts your impact.
As an aside, we are life-long learners and active students of Dan Roam. We increasingly use hand-drawn images to communicate our ideas and recommendations.

Our Unique Tools

We use two novel tools to support leaders and change-makers to affect transformational change: