Our immersive workshops show you how to put Human-Centric Leading into action from day one.

Through storytelling and interactive exercises, you learn how the concepts of human-centric leading help you transform any people-related challenges you face. Time is allowed to answer questions, clarify key points and offer tips to show your team how to use Human-Centric Leading as part of their daily success.

We then dive into a set of experiential exercises during which participants apply Human-Centric Leading to their own challenges at work, accessing coaches for questions and specific feedback. The workshops include time for clarifying questions throughout the exercises, Q&A and debriefs that harvest the individual and collective learning and wisdom. The goal is to send your team back to work with a clear understanding and some practice of putting Human-Centric Leading into action.

More details about our in-person or virtual 1-Day Workshop here.

Team Culture Design

For deeper cultural change, we offer coaching and consulting support for leaders, change-makers and teams that seek ongoing support. These on-site programs stretch from four months onwards to guide behavioral change on a consistent basis, shifting blocks as soon as they are identified. Such programs include bi-weekly or monthly engagement revolving around the challenges each team member, and the team, face on a daily basis. The goal is to modify individual and team habits for a more engaging, creative and innovative work culture.

We also offer individual and team coaching and candidate, employee and customer journey mapping. These are provided as leaders and teams tend to need them when affecting culture change that aligns their strategy with values and action.


We address the inherited context that drives the need for more humane workplaces, showing how contexts affect our mindsets, behavior and results.

Through relatable personal stories, we provide your team with a powerful mindset and toolkit that is an antidote to the problems that tend to exist in teams and organizations today. By learning how to use a new assumption about being human and working in today's world, you can help shift your team culture the next day. The goal is to spark relief that a solution is available and then inspiration regarding the ease of change that sticks.

We modify our presentation for audiences over 1,000 either in-person or virtually. For small groups, we design for a more personal and interactive discussion.